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8 Steps to Buying a Home - Tue, 23 February 2016


Anyone experienced in real estate transactions knows that buying a home can go wrong. There are a number of variables that affect the purchasing process. It is important to establish and implement the appropriate framework to counter these variables and ensure the best chances of success.

It is challenging to manage all of the interests involved in real estate transactions. Trying to predict future scenarios that may affect your potential home is an art. On top of that, financial and time pressures can lead to bad decision-making.

Consider the many factors when buying a home. Think, “Will I ever want to renovate? What is the home area zoned for? Will the condition of your house hold up in winter? The list of considerations goes on! Naturally, buying from overseas comes with its own challenges.

You can avoid many of the problems by following the 8 steps below! That’s why GTODD LAW have put together this handy infographic to outline buying a home in New Zealand. This process has been developed through years of experiences in helping residential buyers.

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